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Integrating TYPO3 Flow commands to the PhpStorm command line tool

Last week I read about the possibility to integrate composer to the PhpStorm command line tool. Inspired by this article, I created a configuration file for TYPO3 Flow commands.

TYPO3 Flow command line integration in PhpStorm
I published the configuration file on github, so it can easily be shared, extended, forked or whatever.

Sadly I did'nt get the Quick Definition View to work as it was described in the original article from Jetbrains.

  1. Navigate to Settings | Command Line Tool Support and add custom configuration
  2. Add the Framework Name (e.g. "TYPO3 Flow"), the Tool path (e.g. "./flow") and the Alias (e.g. "flow")
  3. Import the XML configuration file available here:
Be sure to check, that the Tool path doesn't contain an absolute path to the flow executable.

How to use it?
  1. Open a TYPO3 Flow project in PhpStorm and press CTRL + SHIFT + X
  2. Check, that the current directory contains the TYPO3 Flow executable (in Linux systems you can use pwd to check the current directory). If not, navigate to that directory.
  3. Enter a TYPO3 Flow command by using the alias defined in the configuration (in this example "flow")