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TYPO3 ExtBase - Hidden and deleted property of domain models

TYPO3 ExtBase repositories do by default only return non-hidden and non-deleted records. You can easily override this behavior by modifying the default query settings for the given repository. If you for example want to return all FrontendUser (including hidden and deleted) from a TYPO3 website, you can set the query settings as shown below.

Now all available FrontendUser records are returned. When you now loop over the queryResult, you will see, that the FrontendUser Objects returned do not contain any information about if the record actually is hidden or deleted.

Note that the example above shows the assignment of the defaultQuerySettings directly in an action. Typically you define this in the initializeObject method or directly in the repository.
In order to obtain those information, you need to extend the existing FrontendUser domain model with two fields. First, you need to create an own domain model with two properties as shown below (must be located in a extension - usually your own).

Note that I called the property which indicates if a record is hidden or not “disable” and not “hidden”. I could not get the example to work with a property called “hidden”.

Next you need to add the new fields to the TCA by adding the file fe_users.php with the following content to the folder Configuration/TCA/Overrides.

Finally you must add you new domain model as a subclass for the original FrontendUser domain modal and map the two new properties. Add the file ext_typoscript_setup.txt to the root folder of your extension with the following content.

Note, that the key in line 6 (in this example “0”) must be used in line 12 as recordType.

After clearing all caches, ExtBase now returns all FrontendUsers containing the two new properties “deleted” and “** disable**”