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TYPO3 usage statistics for july 2018

TR;DR - I analyzed 48.146.633 websites for TYPO3 usage - the results with aggregated charts can be found here.

I’m proud to introduce my latest side project called t3versions. It is a Python (Django) web application to identify, if a website is running TYPO3 and if so, which major version is being used. As a result, TYPO3 websites are saved to the database in order to create an aggregated overview with several charts.

Beside the live check in the frontend part, the application also contains a task queue, which can analyze multiple websites in the background an on multiple servers. I imported a list with 48.146.633 domains of european websites to the task queue and after 21 days, all websites were analyzed.

As a result, t3versions did find 292.629 websites using TYPO3. Those websites are located on servers with 61.269 individual IP Addresses. The archived results including 6 charts (Version overview, Supported version, TLDs, Webservers, Countries and SSL) can be found here.

I will reschedule the background check on a regular basis. If someone can provide me a list with e.g. Asian or US domains, feel free to contact me.