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TYPO3 Neos - Set a dynamic sender/recipient for a mailform

I've been starting using TYPO3 Neos for some weeks now and I am really impressed. In so many places you just see how much high quality work, time, effort and love has been put into the product by the TYPO3 Neos team - thumbs up!

In one of my first projects I created a simple contact form like shown in the TYPO3 Neos Integrators Cookbook. There was only one thing I had some problem with and this was to set the sender e-mail address of the form dynamically, so the recipient of an e-mail form just can press the "reply" button in the e-mail app to directly send an answer to the person who filled out the contact form.

I really could'nt find a solution for my problem on the internet, so after digging into the code of the TYPO3.Form EmailFinisher, I finally found some help in the description of the class. You can use submitted form fields as placeholders for every option of the EmailFinisher like shown below.

identifier: 'TYPO3.Form:Email'
templatePathAndFilename: resource://Vendor.Site/Private/Templates/Email/Contact.txt
subject: Contact from website
recipientAddress: [email protected]
recipientName: 'Office of Company'
senderAddress: '{email}'
senderName: '{name}'
format: plaintext

With this configuration in the Yaml for the contact form, the sender e-mail address and the sender name will be used from the submitted from data. Of course you can also set the recipient e-mail address dynamically the same way.

Keep in mind, that setting the sender e-mail address like shown may cause some problems with local spamfilters. To prevent potential problems, you could whitelist the webservers IP address directly in the spamfilter.