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TYPO3 CMS - Event management extension with registration option

Today I’ve published the first release of my latest extension “Event management and registration” (sf_event_mgt) for TYPO3 CMS. The extension enables TYPO3 editors to manage events in the TYPO3 backend and can show a list- and a detail-view for upcoming, past or all events in the frontend. The list-view can be extended by individual layouts as known from the TYPO3 news extension (tx_news), so it should for example be possible to create a nice image slider for all upcoming top-events.

As events also could require a registration process (e.g. if the number of participants is limited), I added a ** registration option, so users can register for an event. TYPO3 editors can assign a maximun value for participants to each individual event, so it can not be **over-booked. The registration contains a double opt in process, so users must confirm, that they actually have registered for the event. To ensure, that new registrations are processed in time by the registering user, a validity for confirmation-links can be configured.

Event record in TYPO3 backend

The extension also comes with a backend module, which enables TYPO3 editors to get an overview of all available events. Also the backend module contains a CSV-Export option for events where registration is enabled, so a list of registered participants easily can be exported.

Event backend administration module

The backend module also contains a notification module, where TYPO3 editors can send e-mail notifications to all participants of an event (e.g. if the event has been cancelled). Notification templates can be configured individually with some lines of TypoScript and with a Fluid template.

Notification module to send notifications to participants

Finally, the extension has some nice features, which are more technical, but makes the extension very flexible and extendible. Of course, the extension comes with a documentation ReST format which explains all features in detail.

I’ve tried to keep the code quality at a high level, respected the TYPO3 CGL as much as possible and also “Event management and registration” is fully covered by tests (which does not mean it is bug-free).

The extension is available on TER and bugs as well as feature requests can be reported on GitHub, where also the source code of the extension is hosted.